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"Classic, consistent quality from a winning team."
Deer Valley Resort's mission statement

Experience a new definition of family - learn more about your home for the winter season.

Congratulations on your new job at Deer Valley! View our orientation video and learn what you need to know before the start of another great winter season.


Learn all the exciting changes and updates that are happening at the resort and in the Park City community this season.


Instilling a culture of environmental sustainability that will ensure Deer Valley stays green for future generations while maintaining its commitment to guest service.

"All ski resorts, whether on public or private land, are charged with being stewards of the land. It's a responsibility that should not be taken lightly and we at Deer Valley certainly do not. The truth is, we've kept sustainability in mind since the resort's inception. The resort is committed to the environmentally friendly practices we have in place and we will continue to focus on adopting new, innovative programs." - Bob Wheaton, President/General Manager

Improvement Team is an important forum for communication at the resort that brings staff together to discuss improvements and ideas. Each department will be responsible for selecting a representative (an hourly employee) to attend each designated meeting. The representative should be willing to solicit input and bring ideas/concerns to the meetings and should have an understanding of Bob Wheaton's comments from previous meetings. Minutes will be emailed to all resort email recipients and will be linked to our staff site. If you are interested in representing your department at an Improvement Team meeting, please contact your supervisor.

Managers Roundtable meetings are a Deer Valley tradition that bring managers and assistant managers together to discuss thoughts, ideas, improvements and goals throughout the resort. Any and all input is welcome. Sharing the information learned in each meeting is important and attendees should have an understanding of Bob Wheaton's updates from previous meetings. Minutes will be distributed to each manager and director outlining main points and any additional action the discussion generated after conclusion of the meeting.

Your opinions help to improve both the guest and staff experience. Look for more survey questions throughout the season and help make this an inspiring place to work and play.

I understand how my role in the company contributes to the overall success of Deer Valley.

Strongly Agree - 53%

Agree - 38%

Disagree - 7%

Strongly Disagree - 2%